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About Us


Our Story

At the start of 2020 we moved to Wairarapa from the Kapiti Coast with our two young children. As keen gardeners and lovers of everything culinary, we just had to get a lifestyle block that would give us the opportunity to grow, make and share more. 


So we bought our beautiful property, just outside Greytown. Straight off we decided to plant hundreds of fruit trees and put in big veggie beds to grow our own fresh produce. A few of our friends asked if we'd 'lost the plot?'.


Maybe we have but, with our tucked away location, we decided that we'd just found the perfect name for our business to share what we love!! So the Lost Plot was founded...

Meet The Team

Stitt Greytown Jam Trees Chutney

Chief Lost Plotters

LB and Euan Stitt

As you'd expect we wear lots of hats - growing, planting, weeding, cleaning, purchasing, sales, marketing, hosting, finance, plotting...

Trainee Lost Plotters

Cleo and Hamish

Our kids help us out round the property, and ensure we continue to lose the plot entirely....

Trees Wairarapa Fruit jam
Tomato Trees Sauce Jam Greytown

Consultant Lost Plotters

Roy and Irene

We really appreciate the help and advice of our in-house consultant team, providing us with much needed support!


Other Specialist Staff... 

Greytown Trees

Head of Pest Control


Wairarapa Lifestyle artisan

Egg Pro'cluck'tion

Hei-hei, Daphne, Sylvie, Sally, Slayer and Moana

Wairarapa lifestyle produce

Turf Management 


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